Objective ADHD Medication Testing

Many people wonder whether ADHD medication is achieving significant benefits in their lives, and is at optimal levels. At BrainX we conduct three different types of testings on & off medication in order to determine whether dosage is optimal.

(1) STANDARDISED RATINGS: (Parent, teacher/observer & self-ratings)

Note: This testing can be done remotely via Skype consultation

These ratings will indicate whether on medication ADHD criteria is still met, and whether ADHD symptoms have been 'normalised' on medication. Scores 60 and above indicate significant issues, and it is preferable if scores on medication fall below 60 to show normalisation of function, and ADHD medication working optimally.


At BrainX we assess attention skills off medication in order to determine core cognitive weaknesses. We then have the patient take the medication and determine which areas have improved, which have not improved, and which are potentially worse. This gives insight into whether medication is normalising performance, and whether medication is optimal. Note we have both standard neuropsychological attention testing as well as 'state of the art' virtual reality standardised testing. The following tests are done off & on medication:

  • Visual attention span
  • Auditory attention span
  • Visual sustained attention
  • Auditory sustained attention
  • Impulsivity (to auditory information)
  • Impulsivity (to visual information)
  • Hyperactivity & motor restlessness (via virtual reality testing head tracker)
  • Switching attention
  • Divided attention
  • Reaction time
  • Working memory
  • Processing speed


There are several different EEG profiles seen in patients with ADHD. Some subtypes include patients with excessive slow-wave, some with excessive fast-wave, others with abnormal theta-beta ratios. We can conduct QEEG assessments for ADHD off medication to determine which subtype of brain dysregulation is noted, and then reassess on ADHD medication to see whether brain dysregulation has been stabilised.