ADHD Treatment Program

Our ADHD program is comprised of 3 main treatments, with one supplementary treatment (if needed).

Stage 1: The 4 Foundations: Diet, sleep, exercise & environment

ADHD is essentially a brain-based disorder that manifests behaviourally in regards to poor attention &/or poor impulse control and hyperactivity. There can be many causes for these symptoms and as part of an assessment, it is important to try and pinpoint potential causes of the symptoms and brain dysregulation in order to guide treatment. The four foundations linked below are fundamental to brain functioning and hence are a starting point in ANY treatment.

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ADHD treatment program sydney

Stage 2: Neurofeedback

The stage involved training the brain directly in order to maximise attention skills and minimise any symptoms of hyperactivity or impulsivity (depending on the subtype you have been diagnosed with).

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Stage 3: Cognitive Training

This involves training in core cognitive skills with the main focus on executive management. Planning and organisation issues are a very common component of ADHD. This also includes establishing a variety of cognitive compensations at home, school, university &/or in the workplace.

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In addition, mindfulness training can be helpful in order to improve self-awareness, attention to the environment, and general attention skills.

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Supplementary 1: Psychological therapy

If issues are noted with anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem or any other mood issues, we recommend these are also treated concurrently as these issues alone can contribute to many symptoms of behavioural dysregulation and inattention.

Intervention at this level can include:

  • Behaviour management/ therapy
  • Parenting (in the case of children)
  • Emotional resilience training
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Social skills training

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