Diet & Nutrition

Mediterranean Diet associated with lower rate of cognitive decline

Mediteranian diet & the brain

After years of controversy surrounding the detrimental risks associated with a diet full in fat, there is now a growing consensus that fat is actually our friend rather than foe. Past warnings to keep away from fat, have in fact been severely misguided and as research continues to grow, our understanding of the benefits continue…

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Improving your gut health

Gut brain connection

Improving your gut health is vital for optimal cognitive function. How can this be done? In this article, how to ensure your microbiome consists of good bacteria – or more importantly has a diversity of bacteria, prebiotics and probiotics and how to incorporate them into your diet. The trillions of microbes that are found in…

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How our gut is related to the way we feel

Gut and our mood

Our body contains more than 10 000 different species of bacteria that live in our gut, but what does this mean and why is this so important? Ok, so let’s start but defining what the microbiome actually is – your gut is inhabited by an array of microorganisms or bacteria that basically create a mini-ecosystem…

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids and their benefit for development

fish oil and cognition

Fatty acids play a variety of roles to assist our body. They are used as a source of energy and help store energy. They promote the body’s absorption and transportation of vitamins. Without them, our brain and its nerves would not be able to function properly. You can think of communication in the brain as…

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The Importance of Magnesium

Magnesium ADHD

Micronutrients for brain performance: Magnesium If you’re one to invest time in sport, going for a hike, fitness activities and classes, chances are along the way someone has recommended you take some magnesium to deal with a cramp, get a better night’s sleep or to assist in the recovery process. While magnesium can support these…

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5 things to eat to boost brain power

Maximise brain potential

5 things to eat to boost brain power (1) Blueberries Who would have thought that blueberries could provide so many great health benefits! High in antioxidants, blueberries are extremely good at defending our brains from deterioration and stress. There is also increasing evidence that they may influence the delay in loss of short term memory,…

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