Have you been ‘adulting’ lately?

Responsibility ADHD

Have you been ‘adulting’ lately? Adulting  is a new age term meant to make you wonder whether or not you have pulled your life together and are functioning at the level of responsibility of what is expected as an adult. Many times in our lives we can push responsibility on to other such as our…

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Feeling on top of the world

Happiness resilience

Feeling on top of the world Ever had that feeling that you are on top of the world and everything in your life is just going great? Many of us are lucky to have those divine moments of total bliss, where we feel like nothing can bring us down. Thump! That was reality kicking in.…

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6 Benefits of Meditation


Mediation has been shown to have many wonderful benefits in helping improve our lives, making us less stressed, and more resilient to adversity. Despite what sounds like an easy process on paper, mediation can actually be much harder than we anticipate. Most people find their first session is quite surprising, as they realise how busy…

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6 steps to enhanced resilience

resilience depression anxiety

6 Ways to Build Resilience You know it, I know it, your neighbour’s dog knows it. Life is hard. And more often than not, not by our own efforts or faults, adverse situations just come flying at us left, right and centre. We can’t control it, and we certainly don’t enjoy it. But what we…

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