Dr Shelley Hyman, Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr Shelley Hyman, Clinical Neuropsychologist, is the founder of BrainX. Dr Hyman completed her 4 year psychology degree including honours, from the University of New South Wales in 1997. She then went on to complete a Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology at Macquarie University. She also completed her Doctorate in Medicine  at Sydney University, and ran a Learning Disorders Clinic at the Children's Hospital at Westmead as part of the Neurogenetics team. She completed her post-doc studies as part of the Clinical School at Sydney University. Over the period of 1998-2006 she helped raise over $2 million in research funding in children and adults with neurogenetics disorders and was a research investigator on these grants. 

In 2005 she went overseas and underwent  additional training in neuro-rehabilitation and cognitive training. She was the principal investigator on a $500K grant to  research the efficacy of various cognitive training programs and virtual reality testing of cognitive disorders. She returned to Australia in 2006 with the aim to set up a multi-disciplinary clinic with expertise in the assessment and treatment of cognitive disorders.

Dr Hyman set up a practice called the Sydney Cognitive Development Centre. The practice grew from 2 offices in 2006, to 4 offices in 2008, to 6 offices in 2013, to 8 offices in 2016, to 10 offices in 2017. In 2018 Dr Hyman decided to open BrainX, get a more broad reach and open up the services of her centre across Australia and offering online screening, assessment and therapy options. We are proud to provide one of the most comprehensive services in the assessment and treatment of neurocognitive disorders.

Our Head office is in the iconic Bondi of Sydney, Australia.

Bondi Junction child assessments


BrainX has always aimed to assess and treat children and adults 'from every angle'. Starting from basic brain functioning, to cognitive ability, to psychological state to behavioural skills, we assess and treat at each level, trying to help maximise potential in every way possible.

The goal of BrainX is to provide services to the community across Australia that could not previously be accessed. High levels of expertise in the assessment and treatment of developmental disorders (eg. ADHD and ASD), neurological disorders (eg. brain injury, stroke) and genetic disorders is often limited to large cities, leaving many people with very poor access to information and services. At BrainX due to massive changes in technology over the past decade we can now offer many of our services either online or remotely.

We believe in equal opportunity for everyone to access top-level healthcare and assessment. We believe that access to therapy should be affordable for all Australians. We have numerous online courses that are accessible to all (via donation only) as part of our charity to give back to this wonderful community in which we belong. Our philosophy is to take out of the clinic all the information our top-level experts have and make it available to everyone, creating a better awareness of the developmental, neurological and psychological issues that so many Australians face today.