At BrainX we offer several different types of psychological therapy. Therapy is aimed at giving people skills that they can use in everyday life when things feel difficult. Whilst discussing the past can be an important component of understanding current issues, in general at BrainX we focus on briefer short-term therapy to enable and empower people to deal with their emotions better on a day-to-day basis. Our therapy is more aimed at resilience. That is, we don't want people to dependent on talking to some one to feel better about their lives, but rather teach skills that can be used for the rest of their lives to foster a better ability to cope the the lows that life can throw our way.

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There are two main forms of therapy we offer that are complementary to one another but are opposite approaches. Each are described in depth below. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the main form of therapy done in Australia as it has the highest proven levels of scientific validity. Cognitive behavioural therapy (known commonly as CBT) is a form of therapy which trains people to begin to recognise that if we want to change the way be feel or act, we need to become aware of our thoughts that underlie these feelings and behaviours, and start to question whether these thoughts are factual or helpful. Many of our negative feelings are based on what are called 'thinking errors' such as black and white thinking, ignoring the positive and only focusing on the negative. By reframing situations and training ourselves to think about certain things in a more helpful or realist light, we can make long-lasting and profound changes in our emotions and the way we behave. CBT is all about changing the way we think in order to change the way we feel and act.

In contrast, for some people that like to 'overthink' or can't easily turn their thoughts off, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT)  is an alternative type of commonly practiced therapy. ACT is more of a behavioural type of therapy, in that rather than arguing or disputing thoughts (as done in CBT), it is about developing a different relationship to negative thoughts, and being able to still achieve a meaningful life without having negative thoughts and emotions hold you back.

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Resilience in children: Differences in brain functioning

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Resilience in children: Differences in brain functioning Resilience is one of the key factors in a child’s happiness levels and ability to succeed in the face of challenges. Resilience is characterised by good adaptation despite adversity. Resilience of children changes based upon internal brain states and psychological states, as well as external factors such as…


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6 steps to enhanced resilience

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6 Ways to Build Resilience You know it, I know it, your neighbour’s dog knows it. Life is hard. And more often than not, not by our own efforts or faults, adverse situations just come flying at us left, right and centre. We can’t control it, and we certainly don’t enjoy it. But what we…