Remote Assessment Options

Can't get into our centre for testing? Too far and can't access local services.

At BrainX we try and make assessment and treatment as simple as possible and as accessible to all. Whilst in-house full assessment is always going to be the best option, we acknowledge it isn't always feasible and still want to be able to have all patients access our services.

All our remote assessments involve:

(1) A clinical interview via Skype

(2) Standardised questionnaires set to you or other observers via email

(3) Formal neuropsychological assessment online

(4) A follow-up consultation to go through the questionnaire and neuropsychological results via Skype. Treatment possibilities will then be discussed both locally, online and remotely.

(5) A report outlining the results and treatment recommendations will be emailed

Remote ADHD testing for children & adults

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) requires a thorough assessment and differential diagnosis in order to understand underlying causes for attention issues that may be better explained by a different mood disorder, learning disorder, or other condition. It cannot be diagnosed properly via a checklist or questionnaire alone. For this reason, we have an extensive process that involves a clinical interview, questionnaires, and formal cognitive assessment. At BrainX if patients are unable to attend our centre we use The Cognitive Assessment Battery for ADHD (CAB-ADHD). This is a professional leading tool that uses clinical tests and validated tasks to quickly and accurately evaluate the presence of symptoms, traits, or dysfunctions within the cognitive processes affected by ADHD. Note: We recommend using this ADHD online assessment battery as a complementary tool to the broader assessment, and never as a replacement for clinical consultation.

This innovative online ADHD test makes it possible to take a complete cognitive screening, understand the user's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, evaluate the risk index for ADHD, and identify which is the three subtypes of ADHD should be diagnosed: Inattentive Presentation, or Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation or Combined Presentation. This test is appropriate for kids 7 and older, teens, and adults.

The online testing usually lasts about 30-40 minutes.

General Remote Neuropsychological/ Cognitive Assessment

This versatile and complete online neurocognitive assessment tool is made up of a screening in the form of an online questionnaire, and a general battery of clinical, scientifically validated tasks.

These tasks are designed to detect and quickly evaluate the precise functioning of the different cognitive areas, like attention and concentration, perception, memory, executive function, and coordination, as well as physical, psychological, and social well-being.

This cognitive assessment battery lasts about 30-40 minutes. In this time, the user will complete the questionnaire about the different areas of well-being and complete the battery of neuropsychological tasks that are presented as fun brain games.

The results from this assessment may be evidence of deficits in different cognitive areas, which can help explain why someone may have poor performance in certain activities or why some skills were never fully developed.